How do I know what type of pest I have?

It may not be easy for the average homeowner to tell, but our technicians are happy to come out and provide an expert opinion. We’ll put together the most efficient plan of action to rid your property of pests.

To help identify your pests, you can also visit our pest library.

How can I have bugs when my house is clean?

It’s surprising to many, but most pest infestations have nothing to do with the cleanliness of your home. It has more to do with these pests seeking shelter, food, and water. Even the cleanest house can fall victim to pests.

Which pests aren’t covered in Home Pest Treatment?

Our home pest treatment and perimeter pest control treat for over 90 pests including ants, stink bugs, cockroaches, spiders, and more. Rats/mice will be addressed as an issue arises. Bed bugs and termites are not covered in our general treatment, but we do offer specialized services for these pests.

Are the products you use safe?

All products we use are safe for children and pets. These materials are approved for use in homes and businesses by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and all of our technicians are properly trained and certified in safe application.

With our perimeter pest and mosquito services, we do recommend staying off the lawn for 30 minutes just to allow the product to dry.

How long does treatment last?

Our Perimeter Pest Control barrier treatment lasts 90 days.

Our regular Mosquito Control barrier treatment is guaranteed for 21 days with our 7-application plan. We also offer an Organic Mosquito Control service that is guaranteed for one week.

Do you treat indoor and outdoor pests?

Henderson Pest Services offers pest control for indoor pests as well as outdoor pests like mosquitos or bees. We also offer our perimeter pest control, which is a preventative treatment that stops pests from making their way indoors.

Do I have to be home during my appointment?

We’ll provide a two-hour window for treatment. With perimeter pest and other outdoor treatments, it’s not necessary that you’re home as long as the gate is open and any pets are indoors. We’ll leave a Henderson Pest Services flag on the lawn and an invoice on the door or in the mailbox before we exit the property.

If you need indoor pest treatment, we do request that someone be there to let our techs inside. All of our treatments are safe, so you don’t have to worry about breathing in chemicals or other toxins during treatment.

Do you offer an all-natural option?

All of the products we use are organic-based, but our Organic Mosquito Control is completely natural. It uses a very strong garlic solution to repel mosquitos. While the scent dissipates for humans after 1-2 hours, mosquitos’ sense of smell is 10,000x greater than ours. Depending on the amount of moisture we receive, this service is guaranteed for 7 days. It makes an excellent option for event spraying.

Will rain ruin my perimeter treatment?

Our solution takes only 30 minutes to dry, after which rain will not reduce effectiveness. The only exception is our Organic Mosquito Control, which can dissipate with too much moisture.

What areas do you service?

We offer pest control to clients in Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery Counties.