Mosquito Control

Safely and effectively eliminate mosquitos from your outdoor living space!

When mosquitos show up to your backyard paradise, they can make it unbearable! While trying to relax or enjoy good conversation, you are left wishing these pesky pests would go away! Not only do mosquitos cause an uncomfortable itch, they also can carry dangerous vector-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Malaria, Chikungunya and heartworm in pets.

Our 21-Day barrier protection

Our 21-Day barrier protection

Our mosquito treatment certified technicians use a backpack misting blower to apply a spray to your foliage and other areas mosquitos hide and breed, like under decks, wood piles, and throughout shrubs and trees. The spray we use contains pyrethroids, which come from chrysanthemum flowers. You will find pyrethroids in common household products, including pet shampoos that are safely applied directly to your pet. Our spray is EPA approved and safe for pets, adults and children.

For optimal control, we recommend having your property treated every 21 days. Our season typically begins mid-April through the end of September. With our 8-treatment plan, you will achieve season long control…guaranteed! If mosquitos return to your property and you have the 8-treatment plan, we will return within 24 hours…free of charge!

A mosquito-free backyard is as easy as 1-2-3

<span>STEP 1:</span> Estimate

STEP 1: Estimate

Request a FREE estimate by completing the form OR call 610-544-BUGS.

<span>STEP 2:</span> Inspection

STEP 2: Inspection

A certified mosquito technician will evaluate your property and provide a customized estimate within 24 hours of your estimate request.

<span>STEP 3:</span> Schedule Your Service!

STEP 3: Schedule Your Service!

Respond by email or phone to provide approval to begin service. We will arrive within 2 days of receiving your approval.

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Learn More About Pricing

Learn More About Pricing

Find more about pricing for our regular and organic mosquito control options.

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