Introducing: Henderson Pest Services

February 26, 2021

As a result of numerous customer requests for indoor pest control, we are now offering indoor pest control services as Henderson Pest Services.  Throughout the years, we’ve had numerous requests for indoor pest infestations such as ants, rodents, bed bugs, termites, and more.  In past years, we have passed these customer requests on to a local pest control company.  

Once we have completed concrete treatment, our techs use concrete and plugs to mask the holes.

About the Henderson Pest Services Team & Process

We have hired certified pest control technicians with significant experience in the industry over the winter.  Our trucks are ready to provide you with the same excellent service you’ve come to expect from Henderson Fertilizing, now complete with indoor pest management. Best of all, if you use Henderson for both lawn and pest, you will see significant savings!  

Our quarterly service program, HPS Select, provides control services for your home with respect to over 80 types of insects. This service begins with a free inspection. The technician looks for “hot spots” and strategically treats those areas with specialty sprays that are safe and effective.  On the exterior of your home, the technician will spray an invisible barrier to prevent pests from entering.  

Our Promise to Our Customers

HPS Select is 100% guaranteed!  If pests return, we will also—no questions asked. We are now offering $50 OFF the initial treatment for any customer who uses Henderson Pest Services and Henderson Fertilizing. Call us at 610-544-BUGS to get answers to your questions, learn more about how this service can help solve your pest problems and get a FREE ESTIMATE! 

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