Termites vs. Ants: How to Tell Which Are in Your Home

February 26, 2021

Termites and ants can cause serious damage to a house. Often, homeowners are unaware of an infestation until insects have already caused significant destruction. If you detect signs of a pest problem, seek professional help right away. Here are some ways to figure out if you have termites vs. ants.

termites vs. ants

Appearance of Termites and Ants

If you happen to see an insect and you’re able to get a good look at it, you may be able to figure out what it is. Termites’ bodies have two parts: a head and a thorax, while ants’ have three parts: a head, a thorax, and an abdomen. 

There are more than 40 species of termites that can be found in the United States. Those that are most commonly found in and around houses are swarmers, which are larger than some other species. Swarmers have wings. 

Termites eat wood, with some species preferring wood that is dry or decaying. Some termite species consume other materials, such as drywall and plastic. Some types of termites congregate in areas with lots of sunlight, while others live underground.

There are also numerous species of ants. Carpenter ants live outside or in decayed wood indoors. Pavement ants typically build nests inside walls and insulation and under floors. Odorous house ants live in colonies that often consist of thousands of individuals and can be found inside walls and under floors and sinks. 

How to Deal with a Termite or Ant Problem

For a termite infestation, a team from Henderson Pest Services will dig a trench around your house, drill holes in the concrete, and inject termiticide in the soil around the house. We will then spray the soil that was removed, fill in the trench, plug the holes we created, and apply spot treatments, if necessary.

If we find that you have an ant infestation, a technician will identify and seal entry points and then spray a treatment around your house to create a protective barrier. That procedure should be repeated four times a year.

It’s often difficult for homeowners to figure out if they have termites vs. ants, especially if they can’t see the insects themselves, but only see signs of destruction they have caused. A technician from Henderson Pest Services can conduct an inspection, figure out what type of insect is causing the problem, and use an appropriate treatment. Call (610)544-BUGS to schedule an inspection.

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