spiderIdentification: Spiders are probably the pest that is easiest for most of us to identify. They vary in size, but all have 8 legs, an abdomen, and a region that contains a mouth and eyes. The number and arrangement of eyes is often used to identify different types of spiders. Most spiders spin webs, but the appearance of the web is varied. The common house spider is considered harmless, but some poisonous spiders do call Pennsylvania home.

Behavior & Diet: Spiders choose to live in dark areas with moisture which is why you so commonly find them in basements, attics, or remote corners of a room. They feed on insects and other spiders. Spiders may also bite humans, though the common house spider is nonvenomous and the bites are considered harmless. Still, you may experience temporary pain, itchiness, or swelling at the site. Spiders may find their way into clothes or laundry left on the floor, resulting in a bite for the next person to put those clothes on.